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Through peer-to-peer recommendations and trial, we mobilize the influencers’ loyal following, who in turn, share their experiences with their circle of friends via social media. This creates a snowball effect with high credibility.

Consumers still consider word of mouth as the most reliable source of information:

Bron1: Blogaholic (2015, 2 januari). Bloggers hebben invloed op koopgedrag, van:
Bron2:  Global (2015, 28 september). 
Global Trust in Avertising, van:

How does it work? We select the influencers which are best suited to the target audience and the advertiser’s wishes. The influencers call on their fans to participate - together with them - in the insiders’ campaign. We select the most appropriate fans who are invited to the insiders’ club. Based on different missions, the fans set out creating content which they publish on their own social media. 

Bloginsiders are an interesting addition for various objectives: trail, social buzz, public image enhancement, improve brand preference, content creation and SEO.

An example of a succesful Bloginsiders approach is for HelloFresh, during which our insiders created hundreds of recipes and have contributed to a positive brand perception.

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