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100% viewability

100% viewability

Adfactor highly values quality. Indeed, we find it important that we deliver products we believe in. For that reason, we guarantee a 100% viewability on our Premium Display Advertising formats. What you see is what you get!

To live up to our promise, we guarantee a 100% viewability on the Adfactor special display formats: Adfactor Angel, Adfactor Transformer, Adfactor Interscroller, Adfactor Autonative, and Adfactor Slider. Because paying for something you only partially receive is not something we subscribe to. We only include the ad impressions provided according to the IAB Standards on viewability. Ad impressions which have not been displayed will not be included and will be booked again. Measurements are done based on Google’s Active View, a function in Google’s DFP ad server (DoubleClick for Publishers).

100% = 100%

The guarantee for 100% viewable ad impressions is a push for quality offered in addition to the so-called ‘smartloading’. This technique ensures that adverts are only loaded when the adverts are displayed on-screen. Adfactor is the only party in the Netherlands who takes it to the next level by guaranteeing that impressions which did not appear on-screen despite smartloading are shown again, based on Google’s Active View (in this, Google follows the IAB standard for viewability).
100% = 100! Always ask for viewability during your purchase. We offer a 100% guarantee on our Premium Display Advertising. 


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