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premium display advertising
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premium display advertising

Our Premium Display Advertising formats are responsive and do not interrupt the content experience: reach your target audience on every type of screen. Moreover, all Adfactor premium formats are suitable for containing a video.

We believe in content-driven display experiences. Based on that conviction, we have introduced four premium display formats which can be exclusively deployed on the Adfactor network.
Our premium display formats can be viewed below:

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    transformer impact with content
  • test alt tekst2
    interscroller that's how we scroll
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    adfactor angel 2.0 modular format
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    autonative video automated content
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    contentwidget add scale to content

our display network

​For display advertising, we allocate our qualitative .nl network to our Belgian visitors by using geotargeting. Our network has been segmented depending on three target audience packages:


Download here an overview of our display channels.

​All Formats are Cross-Device

Almost half of desktop and laptop browsers use an adblocker. In addition, more than 70% of people surf using a mobile device. Through Display Advertising formats that only work on laptops and desktops you deprive yourself of the majority of your target audience. Adfactor therefore offers a number of responsive advertising formats which are suitable for every type of screen. 

​100% viewability guarantee

Adfactor highly values quality. Indeed, we find it important that we deliver products we believe in. For that reason, we guarantee a 100% viewability on our Premium Display Advertising formats: Interscroller, Transformer, Adfactor Angel, Autonative, and Content widget.
We only include the ad impressions provided according to the IAB Standards on viewability. Ad impressions which have not been displayed will not be included and will be booked again. Read more about our 100% viewability guarantee.

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