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a smart mix of influencer, brand & target audience

content marketing

Reaching your target audience and retaining its attention is difficult in a crowded media landscape. The solution cannot be found in even larger adverts, but in the power of influencers.

We connect the brand to the right influencers with appealing content. The content dovetails seamlessly with both the influencer’s content and the brand and is therefore relevant to the target audience. Using a smart mix of these three, the target audience will see and remember the content and the brand. 

the sweet spot of content marketing

In the sweet spot brand, consumer and influencer find each other. With the right mix relevant content, high engagement and the best performance will be created.
Sponsored stories, reviews, and fan engagement: content marketing takes many different forms. We develop new content concepts, but also concepts which can capitalize on existing campaigns of a brand. 

Sponsored Stories

An example of sponsored stories for the Hartman campaign.


Sponsored video

Besides written content, our influencers can also create video content / vlogs, or to let them attend events to give their personal reports on atmosphere.


With our fanmarketing proposition we involve the loyal fans of our influencers in the campaign. For more information, please visit our fanmarketing page. 

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