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Yentl is a well-known influencer who posts about fashion, beauty and lifestyle on her personal blog As part of the Adfactor bloggers network, we would like to give her the opportunity to introduce herself.

Yentl, would you please introduce your blog is my personal lifestyle blog. Everything I like to do is on there. My blog contains 4 main categories ‘Just Travel’, ‘Just Wear It’, ‘Just Me’ and ‘Just Video’.

Let's start with 'Just Travel'. I really love to travel. A lot. And for every trip I do, I keep a sort of travel diary in which I write all my tips and hotspots. All my travel tips can be found in the ‘Just Travel’ section on my blog. 

In the 'Just Wear It' section I like sharing my daily outfits but also latest insights on the hottest trends. I’ve been involved in fashion for as long as I can remember and through this lifestyle website I hope to inspire others as well. 

Besides the ‘Just Travel’ and ‘Just Wear It’ categories, there is also a ‘Just Me’ category. In here you can find all my favorite places to eat, my beauty secrets but also fun facts and behind the scenes about my television project, Pink Ambition. 

Last but not least there is also a ‘Just Video’ section on my website, which was added just recently. I recently started a YouTube channel along with my boyfriend and all video’s which are being uploaded on YouTube will be posted in this section of 

You have been quite busy! Recently you launched your new 'Little Fortune' clothing collection. Could you tell us more?

Little Fortune is the name of my clothing collection which was made in collaboration with the Belgian multi-brand store Zeb. Little fortune was named after the last thing I gave to my grandmother which was a fortune cookie. The name for the collection was quite evident for me. At this moment, the Spring/Summer 2017 collection is in stores and is doing great. It’s the second collection after the Fall/Winter 2016 collection which was really popular.

Besides your clothing collection, you also collaborate with brands through branded content on your blog and Instagram. What are your thoughts about branded content?

I believe that branded content is one of the most popular forms of advertising through social media and my blog. It’s super-efficient as you reach your target groups trough profiles which match the brand. For me it’s quite self-explanatory that there must be a match between the brand and the influencer as this will lead to beautiful branded content.

Do you have any tips for brands who would like to collaborate with you? What is your biggest do & don't? 

When working together with brands, I really appreciate it when there an open and personal communication. This type of communication can lead to great collaborations as you really get to know the influencer, the brand but mainly who is behind the brand. For me a collaboration means that you’re trying to find the best solution for both parties, I really love it when I have to brainstorm with a brand about possible concepts and action plans. During these brainstorm sessions, the brand explains its marketing needs and the influencer tries to come up with possible ideas. 

What is your ambition with JustYentl for the upcoming three years?

Blogging has been my passion since 6 years now. Back then I didn’t have a lot of experience, but as I kept on blogging, I really managed to create my own style. This showed me my strengths which I used to create Just Yentl. Today Just Yentl reaches quite a big audience and it continuous to grow each day. For the upcoming years, my goal is to further expand Just Yentl and to get to know myself even better. By expanding, I mean to go abroad, for example the Netherlands. Where I want to share my passion for fashion by showing my collections and my personal story, which is also written in my book ‘100% Yentl’ to an even bigger audience.

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