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OVX Header & OVX Outstream
New display format:

OVX Header & OVX Outstream

We have launched two new display formats for brands who wants to distribute their videos with maximum videoplays. The new online video experience formats are the OVX header and the OVX Outstream.

OVX header

This large format is shown in the billboard position and includes an autoplay video. The format is cross-device ready. Click here for a live preview of the OVX Header.

OVX Outstream

This format is shown in-article and autoplays (and pauzes) when the video is viewable for the visitor. Great for advertisers who like to share 15’ – 30’ sec video’s. Click here for a live preview of the OVX Outstream.

100% viewability

Our new formats are interesting for clients who prefer max videoviews on qualitative websites within their target audience. Our formats include an 100% viewability guarantee. More information about our display proposition

More information

For more information about our formats please contact us at +31703388880 or mail to We are glad to help! 

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