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Adfactor works with many influencers. To get to know them a little bit we introduce them in this interview ‘behind the blog’. Up next is Thomas du Bois, the person behind

Thomas, would you please introduce your blog Le Vrai Chic? 

Le Vrai Chic is like my own personal fashion and lifestyle dairy. From fashion to travel, almost everything I like I try to write down and share on my blog. It’s a place where I can let loose my creativity and where I can be myself. I’ll try to write as much as possible but with another fulltime job besides it , it’s not easy. 

You have grown Le Vrai Chic into one of the largest male lifestyle blogs in Belgium. What did you learn along the way?

Is it one of the largest? Well I have no idea, I just do what I do, just write down what I like, and what I think my readers will like. It was a long way, and I still have a long way to go, but if there’s a thing I learned is that you always, no matter what have to be yourself. Let no one tell you what to do, how to write, how to take picture or anything else! You have to be strong to keep up and to stay in the Business.  

There are a lot of other bloggers who are doing exactly the same thing as me and so it’s important to have your own style and vision on things. It doesn’t make sense to copy any one else or, using the same filter on Instagram or something, people have no need to follow 20 bloggers who are doing exactly the same.

Just produce good quality and put passion and personality into what you do. Forget the amount of likes and followers you have. Also I don’t see the other bloggers as my rivals but I see them as my colleagues, in Belgium, the world is so small and we have so many events that we literally see each other once more a week, so it would be kind of awkward to ignore or disrespect each other, we just have to support each other because you are more stronger together than alone!  

Recently you were involved in our campaign for TomTom. How do you look back on the collaboration and how do you feel about branded content? 

Well I had and still have a really good feeling about the collaboration; I liked the way of working. I still had my own freedom, and could still decide what to write which I think Is important when it comes to blogging.  Other branded content doesn’t always allow you to write your own vision or content.

Building an audience is ‘easier’ than keeping your audience. How do you remain interesting and relevant for your fanbase?

Yes, that ‘s true, but it’s also very hard to build one, it takes a lot of time for people to discover you and even like you, once they’ve found you and like you, you have to keep them interested because otherwise they will not keep following or reading your blog.  I just stay myself, and just do what I like, and I also think my “fans” know that I will never write about something when I’m not 100% behind the product. You can also see and feel it when you’re not honest when writing something.  Just be honest, yourself and everything will be allright, and your fans will keep on reading.

What is your ambition with LeVraiChic for the upcoming three years? 

My real dream is to get a living out of my blog, travel the world, see and meet a lot of different people. And hopefully still doing and liking what I do, so that I can do this for even more than 3  years :) 

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